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September 17 2016


Celebration around the globe

March 12 2016


False appraisal of low-end diamonds: How to pinpoint dupery and prevent being nicked

There a wide range of elements affect quality and value in diamonds. When the inexperienced is looking at the diamond already set, it is extremely troublesome, otherwise impossible, to determine differences that will dramatically affect cost. For this reason, we recommended buying any important diamond un-mounted, and mounting it only in fact the facts are actually verified. But, you won't have to be a "gemologist" or fear buying jewelry. If you have a few points , now you may buy with assurance .

Four crucial procedures to preventing fraud or falsification:

The 1st step is to buy from someone accessible and educated.

Traders must have the skill to find out for sure what you themselves are selling and buying . This is just not to say that we now have not bargains found in flea markets, estate sales, and many others , nevertheless, you run a greater risk when purchasing such places due to possible misinformation, intentional or elsewhere . You must weight the chance versus the opportunity reward. In addition, prior to making a final purchasing decision, think about whether or not you'll be able to find the vendor again if everything you bought is other than represented. This is evenly true when traveling and thinking about a jewelry purchase in another country.

Second, ask the proper questions.

Don't forget to ask direct, even pointed questions. The secret to finding complete information about everything you are buying is asking good questions so that you can be sure you are conscious of important factors affecting quality and value.

Third, get the details in writing.

Be sure the vendor is willing that will put the answers towards the questions nicely ask , and then any representations made in regards to the gem or jewelry you are looking at , written . If not, we recommend against purchasing using this seller unless we have an unconditional return policy that enables merchandise to returned in a reasonable time period for a money back refund ( not only a store credit).

At last, substantiate the reality with a jeweler evaluator.

It's particularly important to the worst jewelry store in Dallas verify whatever may be put written with a professional gemologist appraiser. Some unscrupulous dealers are willing that will put anything in some recoverable format to make the sale, realizing that written assurances or claims in regards to the stone are sometimes sufficient to meet up with buyers' doubts. So this last step will be the most important to ensure you generate a practical result.

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